Friday, May 29, 2015


Miss R:  No. Don't do that.  (I went to sit next to her on the couch.)
Mama:  You don't want me to cuddle you and pet you?  (She had been a pet baby horse- sorry, hoe-se).
Miss R:  No, I'm kinda stinky cause I been widin my hoe-se.

Miss M (regarding the complex relationship between Flopsy and Whiskers, her two best friend/stuffed animals):  Ten months ago (it was actually about three years) we got to Guam and that's when they first married.  On a box.  They kissed lips by the way.

(To Daddy while on leave) Miss M:  Daddy, you look like a yetti crab.

Speaker in church:  Even if you grow up in the church...
Miss R:  But it's not ever ok to frow up in the turch!

Mama:  There are some more dachshunds!  I don't know... I kind of like them...
Miss A:  Yeah, I do too.  I think they're very aerodynamic.

Miss R:  Hang on!  It's gowin be a bumpy wide!  We pwolly won't make it.