Friday, October 16, 2009

A Arch

Mama:  Miss A, where did we go yesterday?
Miss A:  Ummm.  Hmmm.
Mama:  Where did we go?  Remember first thing in the morning?  We went to the... (whispered) zoo!
What did we see at the zoo?
Miss A:  Ummm.  Hmmm.
Mama:  What did we see?  Do you remember?  They were swimming fast fast.
Miss A:  Penguins!
Mama:  Yeah!  Then what did we do?  You got to ride...
Miss A:  Uhhh.  Horse! 
Mama:  Yeah!  On the carousel!
Miss A:  And a BUNNY!!!
Mama:  And a bunny?  You got to ride it twice, round and round.  Who was on it with you?
Miss A:  That (pointing to Uncle Ron).
Mama:  Yep, that, Uncle Ron, you silly goose!  And then what did we see?  Let's see, we went to see the big cats.  Remember all those leopards?
Miss A:  Yeah!
Mama:  And then who did we see get their fish?
Miss A:  They catch them!
Mama:  Yeah, they caught them.  What were those?
Miss A:  That one throw it in the water!
Mama:  Yeah, the guy threw them in the water, and  the sea lions caught them, huh!
Miss A:  That one's on a BIG rock!
Mama:  He was on a big rock.  That was really cool, huh.  And then where did we go, after the zoo?
Miss A:  Uhhh.  A Arch!  We go inside!
Mama:  What did you see inside the Arch? 
Miss A:  Am-mals!  (Animals)  And a HORSE!!!!!
Mama:  And a horse?  How fun.  And then where did we go?  What did you eat at the restaraunt?  Do you remember?
Miss A:  Amember?
Mama:  Yeah, what did you get to eat at the restaurant?
Miss A:  Some food!
Mama:  Yeah, what kind of food?  What's your favorite food?
Miss A:  Cookies!!!
Mama:  Cookies... (laughing), yeah, and what else did you eat?  Macaronis?
Miss A:  Macaronis.
Mama:  Are they your favorite?
Miss A:  Yeah.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


"Please, Mama!  Please can I have a horse body?"  (While watching the centaurs on Fantasia..)

"Please, I need a big turtle.  It make me so very happy!"  (After seeing a picture of a big quilt shaped like a turtle...)

"Look!  I'm biting my uvula!"  (There is no explanation...)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Can Touch the Water?

 Miss A investigating the lily ponds at the botanical garden.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We're Floating!

Miss A:  It's dark Mama!
Mama:  Yeah!
Miss A:  Where'd the sun go?
Mama:  It went away over to the west.  It had to go make light for the other side of the earth.
Miss A:  Yeah.  We're on the earf.
Mama:  Yeah.
Miss A:  We're floating! 
Mama:  We're floating?  Yeah, the earth floats through space.  Heavenly Father makes us float and spin on the earth.
Miss A:  Now we can go.  (Stop light turned green.)
Mama:  Yep.