Friday, September 28, 2012


Our little lesson on saying thoughtful prayers has really gone to heart for Miss M.  Miss A not so much...  This was Miss M's breakfast prayer today.
Miss M:  Dear Heavenly Father.  Please bless us to be healfy so we don't die, and so we don't get tentacles in our bodies.  So we can be safe in our house, and so that we don't have any tentacles.  And climb on mountains and not get blood.

Dinner Request...

Miss M (3):  Maybe...  I'm thinking...  How bout...  for supper... you bake... brownies!

Island Wear...

Miss A (6):  I am soooo not in love with pants.  On a hot island, like this island, I don't love pants.  But if it was a cold island, like maybe Finland?  Where T lives?  I would love pants.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Come On, Join the Evil...

We have been reading a book of Old Testament stories.  Last night, we read the story of the Golden Calf.  (If you need to review it, here it is. Golden Calf Story)  So tonight when I asked Miss A what we read about the night before, this is what she had to say about the Israelites and Aaron.
"They said, 'Come on, join the evil.'  And he said 'Ok, I guess that's ok.'"


Traditionally, Miss A and Miss M always say exactly the same prayers.
Miss A's is this:  "Please bless my friends and family to be good.  Please bless the food."
Miss M's is this:  "Please bless my friends and family to be good.  Please bless me to be safe on my bike, and to get some two knee pads."
So last night we had a little lesson about prayer.  So far it has been effective.  Miss A prayed last night, and it was a thoughtful, original prayer.  (I forgot to write down what she said...)
This morning Miss M prayed over breakfast.  She started off like this:  "Bless our friends they will be good and healfy that they won't die."
So, consider yourselves blessed.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Trend...

Miss M:  This kitty is part duck and part lion and part kitty.
(I wish I were an artist, so I could draw these creatures she's dreaming up...)

The Imagination Still Works...

Miss M (3):  Daddy, in Virginia you know I rode a rainbow pegasus.  It was a grown up daddy pegasus.  I was riding on her back.  I had peacock wings.

Mythical Creatures...

Miss M:  You know what is part lion and part mosquito and part snake?
Mama:  I don't know- what?
Miss M:  I don't know!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why the Door Is Locked...

This morning, while I was in the, uh, bathroom, two little girls pushed on the door and very belligerently said:
Miss A and Miss M:  "You are NOT supposed to lock this door!"  (Which is true- we have a house rule that little girls are not supposed to lock doors.)
Mama:  "I'm using the bathroom!  I want some privacy."
(Ten fingers start groping under the door.)
Miss M:  "Well, wipe then flush then wash your hands then open this door!"


Miss A has some interesting thoughts.
"The older I get, the older you get."
"Why do we have to have volcanoes?"
"What does 'no way' mean?"
"Do sea turtles have to breathe outside air?  How do they float?  How do they go down?"
"What would happen if there were no oceans?"
It keeps me on my toes!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Miss M:  I'm betending I'm a noonicorn pegasus astroying Nightmare Moon.
(Have you all watched the new My Little Ponies cartoons?  They're quite good...)