Thursday, September 17, 2009


Mama:  Kay.  Lay down.  Do you want covers?
Miss A:  Covers.
Mama:  Miss A, what did we do today at the park?
Miss A:  Ummm.  Play swings!  And... paterkillers!!!  (Caterpillers.)
Mama:  Paterkillers?
Miss A:  And a big paterkiller, at Mary's house.
Mama:  A big paterkiller at Mary's house?  Wow, two paterkillers?  And then we saw another one on the tree, huh?  What else happened today?
Miss A:  A big horse.  (Holding a stuffed horse...)
Mama:  Yeah, the horse.
Miss A:  Nee-hee-hee!
Mama:  Okay.  Night night.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Airplane

Mama:  Are you ready to go home Miss A?
Miss A:  Yeah.
Mama:  What are we going to do tomorrow?
Miss A:  Ummm.  Hmmmm.
Mama:  What are we going to go on?
Miss A:  A airplane.
Mama:  A airplane!
Miss A:  See a lamp?  (Looking at the lamp in the bedroom.)
Mama:  Yeah, I see the lamp.  And where are we going on the airplane?
Miss A:  Ummm.  Hmmmm.
Mama:  Where are we going on that airplane?  To.... our house?
Miss A:  Yeah.
Mama:  And what will we do there?
Miss A:  Toys...
Mama:  Toys...  And who will we see?
Miss A:  Mary!  (Mama's friend.)
Mama:  Mary, and who else?
Miss A:  Mr. S!  (Mary's son.)
Mama:  Mr. S, yeah.  And who else?
Miss A:  Miss I.  (Mary's daughter.)
Mama:  That will be fun, huh?
Miss A:  I so miss them so much!
Mama:  You so miss them so much?  Yeah.
Miss A:  What's on my thumb?
Mama:  I don't know what's on your thumb.  It's too bad Daddy won't be there, huh?  Where's Daddy?
Miss A:  He's in Ginia...  (Virginia.)
Mama:  Yeah.  He'll be back soon though, huh?
Miss A:  Look!  What's on my thumb?
Mama:  I don't know what that is.  Where did we go eat lunch?
Miss A:  At the westaurant.
Mama:  What was at that restaurant?
Miss A:  Were squitoes in it.  (There were a lot of flies, not mosquitoes, in the open air restaurant.)
Mama:  Yeah, there were squitoes in it.  What was inside?  We ate right next to something, what was it?  And you got to climb up inside?  What was that?
Miss A:  (Whispered)  A truck.
Mama:  A truck?  That was cool, huh?
Miss A:  Yeah, with lights!
Mama:  Yeah, with lights!  And there were flamingoes...  (Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine in Boise.  Great place.)
Miss A:  Fla-min-goes!
Mama:  That was fun, huh?  Who ate lunch with us?
Miss A:  Marcene.
Mama:  Uh huh.  And who else?
Miss A:  Ummm.  Hmmmm.
Mama:  Aunt....
Miss A:  Aunt Lori!
Mama:  And who else?
Miss A:  Hmmm.  Mama!
Mama:  Yeah, Mama.  I was there, and Miss M (little sister).  Who else?
Miss A:  And Miss A!
Mama:  And Miss A..  And Cousin Brit...
Miss A:  Yeah, Cousin Brit.
Mama:  That was really fun, huh.
Miss A:  And Marcene.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Miss A:  You're silly Mama!
Mama:  Did you just call me silly?
Miss A:  (Giggle)  Yeah...
Mama:  You're a silly galoot!
Miss A:  I not a silly galoot!
Mama:  Are you a silly Miss A?
Miss A:  (Giggle)  Yeah...

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Mama:  What did we see yesterday morning when we went on a walk?  Do you remember?
Miss A:  Ummm.  Hmmm...
Mama:  What did we see up in the air?  They were flying up in the air?  What were they?
Miss A:  A airplanes!
Mama:  We saw airplanes, but remember, we saw six... Ah!  What were they?
Miss A:  Balloons!!!  Ha ha!  (Hot air balloons)
Mama:  And where did we go today?  Did we go to church?
Miss A:  To church!
Mama:  And then where did you go?
Miss A:  Nursery!
Mama:  Yeah.  And what did you do in Nursery?
Miss A:  Some play dough.
Mama:  Some play dough?  I didn't know you got to play with play dough!
Miss A:  And color!
Mama:  And color!  My goodness!  How fun.  And who came in and sang songs with you?
Miss A:  Aunt Lori.
Mama:  What songs did you sing?
Miss A:  The stars.  (I Am Like a Star Shining Brightly)

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Westaurant

Mama:  Kay.  What did we do today?
Miss A:  I just finding the other whale...  (Playing with model animals.)
Mama:  You're just finding the other whale?  Where did we go tonight?  Where did we eat supper?
Miss A:  At the westaurant.
Mama:  Yeah.  Was it fun?
Miss A:  Yeah!
Mama:  And then where did we go?  Where did we go after the restaurant?
Miss A:  Beep!  Beep!
Mama:  Where did we go after the restaurant Bugs?
Miss A:  Ummm.  I eat at the westaurant.
Mama:  Did we go to the Festival?  (Art in the Park.)
Miss A:  Yeah!
Mama:  What did we see there?
Miss A:  Ahhh!  There's the other whale!!!
Mama:  There it is!