Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quote of the Day: Miss R

My new toofbwush is AWESOME!  I won't ever put it in my bum.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quote of the Day...

Miss A:  Did you know you're stepping in lava?
Miss M:  I have an ice cube.

The Party Car...

Miss A:  Hey!  All Eeyore's best buds are here!  Dance it!

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Song From Miss R...

"I tooted I TOOOOOTed, I tooted in mine body" repeated over and over and over and over...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Quotes from Miss M...

Miss M (on a hike):  If you see water falling, that should be the water fall.

Miss M (on a really long road trip):  Mama.  This is a joke.  Why did the car drive to Virginia driving?
Mama:  I don't know.  Why?
Miss M:  Because it didn't have any wheels!  Ha Ha Ha...  And here is another one.  Why did the pillow cross the road?  To get it's fluff back!  Ha Ha Ha...

Miss M:  The teleporter never runs out of battery.

Miss M:  I can't go to that river.  There's a sea serpent there that doesn't like me.

Miss M:  Daddy!  Did you know?  There's something exciting about my teeth! 
Daddy:  Let me guess.  You have a loose one.
Miss M:  No.  I have TEN loose ones!

A Discussion on Nose Picking...

Kristoff:  What if you don't like the way he picks his nose?  And eats it.
Anna:  Excuse me sir, he is a prince!
Miss M:  Mama, is picking your nose gross?
Mama:  Yes!
Miss M:  But Mama!  I just.  Can't.  Stop.
Mama:  Well, I guess you can pick your nose, but don't eat it!  That's super gross!
Miss A:  But it's just so good!
Mama:  Uggg.
Miss M:  Well, if you don't eat it, what do you do with it?  Do you put it back in?
Mama:  No!  No!  You don't put it back!  You get a kleenex or something to put it in.  Oh look!  Let's find a bird or something...

World Cup Comments, and a Wish...

Miss M:  I am in charge of all those boys from Mexico.
Miss A:  I am so good at soccer.

Miss M:  I wish we had tornado stairs.  Tornado stairs are like you don't have to step up it just turns up for you.
Miss A:  And you get to slide down.

Quotes: Miss A...

Daddy:  I think Miss M is going to be taller than you someday.
Miss A:  No.  NO!
Mama:  Yeah, like I'm tall, and Daddy is taller than Grandpa.
Miss A:  That's because he's old.

Sign at the garden center:  Huge Summer Clearance!
Mama:  Oooh!  We should go to the nursery!
Miss A:   Mom.  We should only buy things we need, not that we want.  Do you need anything at the nursery?

Miss A:  When I was sliding down the steps I was all faced red and I was smiling so bad!

Miss A:  I totally want baskets on my motorcycle.

Miss A:  And in the movie, there was a baby!
Mama:  Was it cute?
Miss A:  Yes!  It was fluffy darn cute!
Miss M:  I wish we had a baby dodo...

Miss A Vocab of the Day:

handsitizer = hand sanitizer
shipshafeter = shape shifter  (We play this game a lot, because we can never all agree on what animal to be.  Me: pegasus.  Miss A:  cheetah.  Miss M:  kitty.  Miss R:  pronghorn.)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tropical Girl...

We traveled from our old home in Guam (where Miss R spent most of her first three years) to our new home in Virginia by way of Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming.  In early spring. 

Mama:  Pretty soon we will be back in the hot humid muggy air.
Miss R:  Mmmmmmmmm.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Mama:  You do not have to eat all this fruit.  You just have to eat like...  four bites of it.
Miss M:  How bout three?
Mama:  How bout five?
Miss M:  No!  Six!
Mama:  Ok...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Quotes of the Day...

Miss A:  Throwin' snowballs is even funner than I thought!

Miss M:  Can I ride the horse again?  How about now?  Now can I ride the horse again?

Miss R:  Why?  Why why why why why why.  Why Mama?  Why why why...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Miss A's Fast Day Photos: March...

 March 2007.  At our apartment in St. Louis.
 March 2008.  In our house's back yard in St. Louis.
March 2009.  In her bedroom in St. Louis.
 March 2010.  In our house in St. Louis.
 March 2011.  At the beach at Fortress Monroe in Virginia.
 March 2012.  On the USS Alabama in Mobile Alabama.
 March 2013.  In our house in Guam.
March 2014.  At our back yard playground in Guam.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Miss M's First Testimony...

She wanted to get up in Fast and Testimony meeting, all by herself.
"I want to share my testimony.  I know this church is true because families can stay together forever.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."


Miss M:  We ran to the library, cause you know zombies never go in libraries...
Miss A:  I want to live in the Celestial Kingdom because that is where a cheetah might be.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Waking Up Quote of the Day...

Miss M:  Once, in my dream, I was a rhinoceros beetle, and I was just flying around, biting bad guys' heads off.  It was pretty awesome.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wake Up Quote of the Day...

Miss M:  I'm having a funny dream right now so can I finish it?  It's almost done, ok?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

elsa ilove elsa because  you are so pretty  and  so  awesome   snowflakes and  ilove    your  castle      a

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Date:  14 February 2014
Title:  The Pretty Pretty Bunny
Author:  Dave Horowitz
Remarks (as dictated to Mama):  I like this book so much.  I really like the bunnies.  The beaver is cute.  I love the turtle's shell and the apple red.  And Narcissa, she's so pretty.  And the moose is so cute.  It makes me happy.  And I love the pond!  It's so pretty.  And the frog looks funny. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Miss A: Quotes...

Is today an odd day or an even day?  Ohhh...  Of course!  It's the twenty-one-th.

Dogs are scared of black cats cause they have sharper teeth than normal cats.  I saw it on a movie!

Miss M: Quotes...

Miss M:  Is Mr. Country (call sign...) in the Navy?
Mama:  Yeah.  He's a helicopter pilot.
Miss M:  Oooh la la!

Mom?  I had a dream?  That Allie was our neighbor?  And she lived in Elise's house?  And she had a big strawberry on top of her roof!

Miss M:  Let's play I Spy Things in the Clouds That Look Like They Are Real.  Oh!  I spy a horse!  That is stuck in the mud!  And there's its head.
Mama:  Ok...  Go  ahead.
Miss M:  No.  No.  You can't go until I'm done!
Mama:  No.  No.  You go ahead, go!  What do you spy?
Miss M:  No.  No.  You can't say ANYTHING!
Mama:  Ok, I won't say anything!  Go ahead.
Miss M:  I know you cheated...
Mama:  (laughing)  I'm not cheating!  Just go!  What do you see in those clouds?
Miss M:  Iiiiii seeee...  Well, a dragon.
Mama:  Where?
Miss M:  Right there.  Uh.  That's its crown, he's the king, and that's his eye, and he's dying.
Mama:  Oh how sad!
Miss M:  Well he's a BAD guy.
Mama:  Oh, ok.
Miss M:  Actually he's a snake.

Miss M:  Mom, did you know all the dinosaurs in the world are girls?
Mama:  No, I didn't know that.  Are there still dinosaurs walking around?  Or are they extinct?
Miss M:  There ARE dinosaurs walking around.  In California.  They are NOT extinct.