Thursday, October 31, 2013


B and I have started doing P90X this week, early in the mornings.  Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, at least by Miss A.

"Dad, you are looking stronger than usual."

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Miss M: Quotes of the Day...

Charlie got me sick at school.  He put some diarrhea in me.  He had it in his backpack.

(Miss M is being Iron Man for Halloween.)
When I go like THIS (raises hand, palm out), that means I'm going to kill you.  Ok?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Quotes From Miss A...

Miss A:  Mom.  This computer is just trouble!  Every time I push the space to get a capital, and the thing just moves!
Mama:  Well... to get a capital, you know you have to push the shift key...

(A Prayer:)
Please bless that the Legion of Super Hero disc can be fixed from the library.

Mom!  I just love this caterpillar pillow!  So big!  So soft!  So green!

(Now seven and passed her swim test!  She can officially swim by herself in the big pool!!!)

Quotes From Miss M...

The more dark the clouds are the more it's pouring rain.  Allie told me that.  She knows everything.

(Miss M usually has some pretty interesting things to say first thing in the morning, when she is just barely awake...  Here are two days' worth:)
Mom!  I was sledding!  In the Arctic!
I thought I was a turtle!

She can go barefoot outside.  There are no hookworms in her land.

It's a good thing waffles can't talk.

When it rains, the angels actually have to push on the clouds.

Quotes From Miss R...

Mama:  What shirt do you want?
Miss R:  Owl hurt.
Mama:  You want your owl shirt?  What do owls say?
Miss R:  Foo foo!
Mama:  They say "foo foo"?
Miss R:  NO!!!  FOOOO!

Wuh Wuff= Ruffles
Yuh yick= yogurt
Nang woo= kangaroo
Uh Yadies!= Hello ladies!

An exceptionally rare event!  Miss R never falls asleep anywhere but her bed or her car seat.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Characteristics of a Good General...

Miss M (4) was just perusing our "Civil War Generals of the Union" placemat...
"He did not lose any of his buttons!  But this one did.  But this one has all his buttons.  And so does this one.  And this one (General Burnside) is just funny..."