Monday, July 29, 2013

Write About Grandma...

           I  love my Grandma. She makse fereehuoses. We go to the pool. Grandma is macing a tertl.
She redes books. I hop you enjoy my stoy.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Radio Opinions...

I like music, and we listen to a lot of it.  The girls definitely have their favorites.  When I get tired of scrolling through the whole long list on my music player, I put it on shuffle and tell the girls they have to take what comes...

Miss M:  Um, Mom?  Could you please do the Bike Song?
(One of their very favorites...  You can find it here:

Mama:  Sorry Squirt, you have to ask the phone, it's deciding which songs come on.

Miss M:  Uh, excuse me phone, could you please do the bike song?

And, wouldn't you know it, it came on next...

Radio Opinions...

Miss M (in the car):  I wish you didn't like the newses.  I only like Disney music.

Fast Day Photos- July (Miss R)...



Fast Day Photos- July (Miss M)...


Fast Day Photos- July (Miss A)...

Here is a compendium of July's monthly photos for Miss A...







Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sure Sign That I Need to Clean the Bathroom...

Miss A:  Mom!  Smells like a lobster restaurant in here!  Wanna smell?
Mama:  No.  No.  I do not.

Discussions On Hair...

Miss M:  UG.  Mom, don't brush there!  It hurts!
Mama:  Well, I have to brush there.  That's where the tangles are.  We need to give you a trim.
Miss M:  What's a trim?
Mama:  We'll cut off the very tips of your hairs where it's all frazzled.
Miss M:  Ug.  You should just cut it all off.
Mama:  You want me to cut your hair short?  We wouldn't be able to do tails...
Miss M:  Yes.  You could just do mantanas like Miss R's.  But big mantanas.