Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Story...

Once     there   was    Leprchune .   And    it   was   Spring.
And   he   was   in   the   valy   of   Spring.  
He   meareeed.    But   this   girl .   And   she   made
Spring.   And   thae   lived   happlyevravtr.

(The assignment this time was to write a story about spring weather...  But she has gotten the idea, since the last story had to be about a leprechaun, that all stories must be about leprechauns...)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Story By Miss A...

Once   there   was   a   princess   and   she   had   the   pot   of   gld.  And   the   Leprechaun   was   angry.    But   the   prince   wasn’t   there.   But   the   King   hrd   about   it.   But   the   Leprechaun
Noou (knew)  where   hre   kasl   was.   But   they   lived   together.   And   the   princess   urged.(agreed)
And   they   lived   happlyevravtr.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Looking at the globe...
Miss M:  Oh!  Look at Guam!  It's so cutie!  It's like a little baby island...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Miss M:  (Drawing)  This is a big apple.  It talks.
Miss A:  Apples don't talk!
Miss M:  In Virginia they talk.
(Miss M's pencil rolls off the table.)
Miss M:  You DID THAT!
Miss A:  No I didn't!
Miss M:  You did that with your magic!
Miss A:  My magic was sleeping when your pencil fell down.
Mama:  Miss M!  Scooch back so Miss A can do her homework!
Miss M:  (Continuing on her picture...)  That's me in my bed.
Miss A:  Which your bed isn't round.  Do you want me to help you?
Miss M:  Mmm hmmm.  (Brief moment of sisterly cooperation on Miss M's picture...)
Miss M:  Mommm!  Miss A said 'Don't talk' to me!
Miss A:  She is bothering me!