Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hanging Out At the Beach...

Mama:  Why don't you go in that cave?  It's just your size.
Miss M (3):  No.  There's big crabs and little crabs and they would pinch me.
Mama:  Where?  Oh.  He's just a little crab.  He won't pinch.  You could sit right there!
Miss M:  (Looks...)
Miss M:  No.  There's a kaneecha in there.

(A note of explanation about kaneechas.  Several months ago, we were spending some wonderful time with our uncle, aunt, and cousins.  One evening we were sitting around their campfire (they live in the woods of the Florida Panhandle), and listening to the sounds of the night.  Miss A (5), asked what the sounds were, and Uncle T said something along the lines of "Oh, there's lots out there that can eat you..."  Cousin A (26) said, in a slightly panicked voice, "What's a kaneecha?"  And so our go-to-monster of choice was born:  The Kaneecha.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Slue Foot Sue...

The girls were watching one of my favorite old Disney cartoons yesterday:  Pecos Bill.  Of course, Meara was drawn to the pretty girl...

Miss M:  I love the cowboy girl!  Miss A!  Do you love the cowboy girl!
Miss A:  It's called a cowgirl.
Miss M:  Oh.