Friday, December 28, 2012

Prayer, Avenger Style...

Miss M:  Dear Heavenly Father, please bless our family not to be destroyed, and our city to not be destroyed, until the super heroes come and there are no super heroes to rescue us.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Miss M's Prayer...

Dear Heavenly Father,
We're thankful that Jesus came and it's His birthday and we don't get out presents before Christmas but we can get out presents at Christmas.  And it doesn't snow in Guam.  In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Random Quotes: Miss A...

I do not like pants in this hot land.

Ghosties are usually white, but if they walk into people, they become indivisible.

Our substitute was mean, but she was SHORE beautiful.  Everything on her whole body was beautiful.  All the little toes just had blue on the tips, but on the tip of the big one there was a flower in the middle of the flower.  There was a little teensy tiny jewel.  And.  And.  And on the grass there was a blue jewel.  It was white, and the flower was white, and the stem was white.  Huh.

I think I'm going to have like twenty babies.  Yeah, like twenty.  And when they're one, they'll eat with their two teeth.


Random Quotes: Miss R...

(Well, she only has one...  Despite all our best efforts, at 17 months, she has yet to talk.  She is, however, amazingly good at spotting dogs.  And she really loves them.  Really.  So here is her one quote, whenever she sees any sort of dog.)

Oof.  Oof.  Oof.

Random Quotes: Miss M...

I'm so sad that someone stepped on my face...

It's isgusting when superheroes kiss lips.

I'm glad that Santa and Jesus loves us.

Is today a turch day?

When you're married, you can kiss lips.  It's not isgusting.  When you're not married and you kiss lips it's isgusting.

Bless our friends to be healfy and not die.  Cats don't scratch people and don't bite people, just kiss and hug.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Sabbath...

Miss A:  On church days, you know, it's a hibernation for me.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Painting Nails...

In Florida, we lived next door to a wonderful girl named Miss L.  She was 10, and loved playing with our little girls.  When we moved here to Guam, Miss A had another friend who shared Miss L's name, so the new friend (5 years old), became Little L, and our Florida friend became Big L.  This morning I was painting Miss A's toe nails, and my work was apparently not quite up to par...
Miss A:  "Big L is a great doer of stripes.  She can do stripes better than anybody."
I just wish Big Miss L could be here to paint toes!  We miss her...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Mythical Land...

Miss M:  Once, in Virginia, I captured, a Giant Squid!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Am I That Bad???

Miss M, to an imaginary friend:  It's been six years.  Now you can get out of time out.

The Evengers...

My girls are, I guess you would call it, "well-rounded"...  They adore My Little Pony, and mermaids, and fairies, and princesses; but, they also really love super heroes.  Their favorite show right now is a cartoon version of the Avengers, and they watch it at every opportunity.  They have a special dance they do during the opening credits, involving many "X Jumps", where they crouch down then jump up with their arms and legs flung out like an x, and they do all the poses and moves that the Avengers do (usually while wearing, in the case of Miss M at least, multiple tutus).  We have lengthy conversations about all the villains and aliens and heroes.  It's nice.  Nice to have some counterbalance to all the fluffy princess stuff.  Miss M summed up her favorite character this way:
"Captain America lets go of his shield then everyone falls down."

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heaven Help Me...

Miss A has a "specialest friend", who she has "just a little crush on".  It was- I hate to say it- love at first sight.  She draws him pictures and writes him notes.  I am trembling with fear for the future.  This is him, Master D.
 He and his sisters and Mom came over the other day to play, and he and Miss A quickly cuddled up together on the couch to watch the "Evengers" (The Avengers-a cartoon version).  He's very cute and nice and polite and wonderful.  I'm just not ready for this!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Imaginary Creatures...

Miss M:  Neeeiiigggghhhh.  I am a mermaid fairy riding a sea horse.  But this sea horse has feathers and wings so he can fly out of the water.  Last time he tried that without his wings, he just sank!

Overheard This Morning...

We have begun a new weekend policy- the girls are allowed to wake up at their normal time (indeed, I don't know how I could stop them...), but they are not allowed to come and get me up until 7.  They can play until I've had my time to sleep in.  This morning I heard this.  They were playing with some magnet dress up dolls...

Miss A:  Miss M, your darlings have to go to school, but my darlings don't have to go to school.  Do you know why?
Miss M:  Because your darlings have to go to ballet.
Miss A:  You are right.  My darlings go to ballet every day.  That's how it is.


Yesterday we visited some friends who have lots of dress up clothes, including some high heeled shoes...
Mama:  Did you have fun?
Miss M (3):  They have loooooovely lovely stand up shoes with pink, and glittery...

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I am a confirmed, life long raw dough eater and beater licker.  And although it shouldn't, it makes me happy to pass along my vice to my daughters...

Apocalyptic Warning...

Miss A (In the car, while tapping on the windows.):  This little window is my keys for typing.  This big window is my computer.  I am sending a message about the gigantic tsunami with zombies and mummies.  I'm saying "It's a zombie and mummy wave!  AAAHHH!"

Cheese Dip...

Friday, September 28, 2012


Our little lesson on saying thoughtful prayers has really gone to heart for Miss M.  Miss A not so much...  This was Miss M's breakfast prayer today.
Miss M:  Dear Heavenly Father.  Please bless us to be healfy so we don't die, and so we don't get tentacles in our bodies.  So we can be safe in our house, and so that we don't have any tentacles.  And climb on mountains and not get blood.

Dinner Request...

Miss M (3):  Maybe...  I'm thinking...  How bout...  for supper... you bake... brownies!

Island Wear...

Miss A (6):  I am soooo not in love with pants.  On a hot island, like this island, I don't love pants.  But if it was a cold island, like maybe Finland?  Where T lives?  I would love pants.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Come On, Join the Evil...

We have been reading a book of Old Testament stories.  Last night, we read the story of the Golden Calf.  (If you need to review it, here it is. Golden Calf Story)  So tonight when I asked Miss A what we read about the night before, this is what she had to say about the Israelites and Aaron.
"They said, 'Come on, join the evil.'  And he said 'Ok, I guess that's ok.'"


Traditionally, Miss A and Miss M always say exactly the same prayers.
Miss A's is this:  "Please bless my friends and family to be good.  Please bless the food."
Miss M's is this:  "Please bless my friends and family to be good.  Please bless me to be safe on my bike, and to get some two knee pads."
So last night we had a little lesson about prayer.  So far it has been effective.  Miss A prayed last night, and it was a thoughtful, original prayer.  (I forgot to write down what she said...)
This morning Miss M prayed over breakfast.  She started off like this:  "Bless our friends they will be good and healfy that they won't die."
So, consider yourselves blessed.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Trend...

Miss M:  This kitty is part duck and part lion and part kitty.
(I wish I were an artist, so I could draw these creatures she's dreaming up...)

The Imagination Still Works...

Miss M (3):  Daddy, in Virginia you know I rode a rainbow pegasus.  It was a grown up daddy pegasus.  I was riding on her back.  I had peacock wings.

Mythical Creatures...

Miss M:  You know what is part lion and part mosquito and part snake?
Mama:  I don't know- what?
Miss M:  I don't know!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why the Door Is Locked...

This morning, while I was in the, uh, bathroom, two little girls pushed on the door and very belligerently said:
Miss A and Miss M:  "You are NOT supposed to lock this door!"  (Which is true- we have a house rule that little girls are not supposed to lock doors.)
Mama:  "I'm using the bathroom!  I want some privacy."
(Ten fingers start groping under the door.)
Miss M:  "Well, wipe then flush then wash your hands then open this door!"


Miss A has some interesting thoughts.
"The older I get, the older you get."
"Why do we have to have volcanoes?"
"What does 'no way' mean?"
"Do sea turtles have to breathe outside air?  How do they float?  How do they go down?"
"What would happen if there were no oceans?"
It keeps me on my toes!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Miss M:  I'm betending I'm a noonicorn pegasus astroying Nightmare Moon.
(Have you all watched the new My Little Ponies cartoons?  They're quite good...)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Out For a Drive...

An example of typical car randomness...

Miss M:  Always kaneechas bite.  I hear a heron up in the sky! 
Miss A:  What's a heron?
Mama:  Uh, it's a big bird.
Miss M:  It's colorful!!!
Miss A:  WHOA WHOA WHOA.  Daddy!  You missed the driveway!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wildlife Sighting...

Miss M:  You know, in Virginia, I flied on a pegasus.  It was a tiger pegasus.  And then, I saw one, in Guam!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sister Pictures...

Something about motherhood that came as a complete shock to me is how much I adore dressing my girls in matching clothes...  I never would have believed myself capable of such... cheesiness?  But I am.  Sigh.  Here are the latest matchy matchy pictures.  Grandma made the so cute butterfly dresses.

(This is a Genuine Miss R Utter Baby Meltdown.)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cute Sister...

In the car...

Mama:  "Is Miss R (1) asleep?"
Miss M (3):  "No, she's awake.  Go to sleep, you hot chick!"

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hanging Out At the Beach...

Mama:  Why don't you go in that cave?  It's just your size.
Miss M (3):  No.  There's big crabs and little crabs and they would pinch me.
Mama:  Where?  Oh.  He's just a little crab.  He won't pinch.  You could sit right there!
Miss M:  (Looks...)
Miss M:  No.  There's a kaneecha in there.

(A note of explanation about kaneechas.  Several months ago, we were spending some wonderful time with our uncle, aunt, and cousins.  One evening we were sitting around their campfire (they live in the woods of the Florida Panhandle), and listening to the sounds of the night.  Miss A (5), asked what the sounds were, and Uncle T said something along the lines of "Oh, there's lots out there that can eat you..."  Cousin A (26) said, in a slightly panicked voice, "What's a kaneecha?"  And so our go-to-monster of choice was born:  The Kaneecha.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Slue Foot Sue...

The girls were watching one of my favorite old Disney cartoons yesterday:  Pecos Bill.  Of course, Meara was drawn to the pretty girl...

Miss M:  I love the cowboy girl!  Miss A!  Do you love the cowboy girl!
Miss A:  It's called a cowgirl.
Miss M:  Oh.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Loofty-Hoop

To those who may not know, this is a Loofty-Hoop (I think I got it wrong before- not Hoofty-Loop...).  One of those long ribbon things that the rhythmic "gymnasts" use in the olympics.  The girls have one from somewhere, and it has surfaced as their new favorite toy.  Tons of fun!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Guess the Object...

Miss M:  I'm going to the festibull.  This is my hoofty-loop!

(No guesses?  No one knows what a hoofty-loop is?  I'll post a photo...)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Naval Exercises...

Miss A was drawing a picture today for a friend who is stationed on an aircraft carrier.  She drew the island of Guam, and then what, I think at least, is a fairly good representation of a ship- for a five year old.  I asked if that was our friend's ship...

Mama:  Is that a ship?
Miss A:  It's Dr. Mike's air craft carrier, coming to Guam.
Daddy:  Oh.  His ship's coming to Guam?
Miss A:  Oh yeah!  Mooovin' in!

A Discussion on Ungulates...

Since moving to Guam, there has been much discussion in our family about people who confuse carabao- cute slow water buffaloes that live here, with caribou- reindeer, that live in Alaska, Finland, and other very northern places that are very different from this tropical island.  Miss A needed more details...

Miss A:  What are caribou?
Mama:  Well, they're reindeer, they live up north in Alaska.
Miss A:  What do caribou do?
Mama:  Uh.  They travel... and wolves eat them...
Miss A:  And they fight with their prickly things on their heads.

The Latest in Military Uniforms...

While waiting for Daddy to come out from work, Miss M watched several other aviators leaving the building...
"I never seen pink flight suits.  Why?"

(And I apologize for the grammar!  But she is three...)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Super Grandpa

Miss M:  Mama.  Catch those birds!
Mama:  I can't!  They're too fast.
Miss M:  Well, Grampa could...

Hearing Things...

Miss M:  Did I just hear a cow in my ear?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Freudian Slip?

Miss A:  Ohhhh, when I catch a cute little baby deer, I want to eat it.  Oh, um, I mean I want to keep it as a pet.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miss M, Ever Tactful...

To the cranky old lady at the passport office when we turned in our applications:  "Why are your teeth yellow?"  (And that, my friends, is the reason we still don't have passports five months later...)

To me about a lady in the post office:  "Mama, is that a girl or a boy?"

To me about a different lady in the post office (same day, she was really on a roll):  "Mama, why is that lady chocolate colored?"  (And that is why I wish I had a little kid shock collar.)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Super Flopsy...

Here at our new house in Guam, there are some evil little bees called Boonie Bees.  Nasty aggressive little things that sting for no reason, and don't have the grace to die decently afterwards.  Miss A got bit nine times during a Cinco de Mayo party.  Miss M obviously worries about this, but knows her best friend Flopsy has her back. 

"Bunnies eat boonie bees, bugs, and carrots.  But especially boonie bees."

Simon and Garfunkle Gone Awry...

Miss M was pretending to pick plants on one side of the kitchen, then putting the imaginary leaves in a cup on the other side of the kitchen.  And I swear I'm not making this up...

"Here is some parsley...  Here is some sage...  Here is some rosemary...  Here is some salsa."

Starting Young...

One of the nice things about living on a military base is that we can basically turn the girls out to run with the pack of kids, and pretty much trust that they will be fairly safe.  On our first day in our new house, Miss A (5), came running in the door...

"MAMA!  I just saw a flock of boys!!!  Come see!"

Travel Plans...

We recently undertook a big move.  There were many weeks of uncertainty, staying in hotels and with kind relatives, and without the belongings that all of us are accustomed to...  The girls took it well, but keeping them abreast of what was going on when we didn't usually know ourselves was challenging!

Miss M:  "Where are we going?"
Mama:  "We are driving to New Orleans and then Daddy will drop us off at the hotel and we will say goodbye to Sally Boy (our car, named by Miss A a couple years ago).  Because Sally Boy has to cross the ocean on a boat.  And then we will spend the night at the hotel, then the next day we will get on the plane.  We will fly on the plane for two days, and then we will get to Guam."
Miss M:  "Uh...  How bout five minutes on the plane."

Miss A Randomness

"Mom, is it ok if I slobber on my animals?"

My last name is ..... but my real name is Cinderella."

Daddy Capabilities...

Miss M:  "Look at the moon!  I can't reach it.  Daddy would have to get a tall ladder."
Miss A:  "Daddy couldn't get it with a ladder.  He would need a tall rocket ship.  A big tall rocket ship.  Not made of legos."

Miss M Randomness...

"I don't like to cut alligators.  But you can't cut alligators.  Only Miss M can cut alligators."

Her favorite underwear has "pole-ka-la-dots."

"Mama, do kangaroos eat carrots?"

Mama:  "We need to wash your dirty body."
Miss M:  "Actually... playing would be much better."

Primary Songs Gone Awry...

In our church, Miss A is learning a song that goes like this:  "I will work, I will pray, I will always walk in His way..."  Miss M's version is slightly different, although sung to the same tune...  "I will hold hot soup.  I will burn your fingers.  I will hold Buzz.  I will hold Jessie..."

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Comments of the Day...

Miss A:  (To me)  "Thanks for marrying a dad who has a short haircut!"

Miss M:  (To our friend Derek, a 27 year-old single male at whose house we were eating dinner)
"Do you have not any dress ups?"
Derek:  "No."
Miss M:  "You're silly!"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

 This picture perfectly sums up a conversation that I overheard yesterday between Miss A (5) and Miss M (just 3):

Miss A:  Poor Pluto.  It's a planet!  Not a asteroid.
Miss M:  Oh.  I thought we were going there too.
Miss A:  No!  It's way up in outer space!  There's like lots of planets!

And then...

Miss A:  Trees can't grow to outer space only rocket ships are fast enough.
Miss M:  Cars do that too.
Miss A:  No they don't.
Miss M:  Some times they do, some times they can't, but sometimes they do.
Miss M:  Blue galaxies are just for me.  I love blue galaxies.  They are sparkly.
Miss A:  Mama did you know that Pluto is a sun?
Mama:  No it isn't.
Miss A:  Oh, it's just a planet.
Miss M:  Jupider has suns, but it doesn't have suns, but it does...
Miss M:  Outer space lives in Virginia.  It doesn't have Floppsies or anything.

(Silence in the car while heavy thinking is going on...)

Miss A:  Earthquakes happened in Virginia.
Miss M:  Volcanoes live in Virginia.

Miss M:  Galaxies turn into Floppsies again.  Galaxies have lights and they don't and galaxies have poison and they don't.