Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disney World!!!

The girls and I had a perfectly happy day at the Magic Kingdom with Grandma, Uncle B, and Aunt M.  (Daddy had to work...)  Beautiful weather, no long lines, perfect company.  Miss A and Miss M didn't have any idea such a place existed, and we walked around laughing at their awed faces all day.

Some quotes:
Miss A:  "It tipped over lots and lots!"  (After getting off Big Thunder Mountain, which she made the height requirement for by a whole 2 inches.)
"It's ok if I don't look..."  (On the Haunted Mansion ride, which she spent with her face plastered into my side.  But then Grandma convinced her to peek by telling her there were ghosts dancing in pretty Cinderella dresses.  Miss M watched nonchalantly for the whole ride.)
"I'm not scared, I'm just plugging my eyes..."  (When the Jungle Cruise entered the ruined temple, and it was dark.  Except she had her ears plugged, not her eyes.  ?)

Miss M:  "Pincesses!!!!!" (When she got to meet Cinderella, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty- 'Pincess Booty'- all at once.)
"Intense Giggling"  (During the entire Flying Dumbo ride.)
"WOW!" (In Small World, and when she saw the elephants on the Jungle Cruise.)

Mama:  "Miss A, what was your favorite thing today?"
Miss A:  "The teacups!  And the Princesses!  And all the rides that I likeded!  You rode on the carousel!  We all rode on the carousel!"

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Handsome Daddy...

Miss A:  Ginia is beautiful!  I'm so very happy we moved here to Ginia!
Mama:  Yeah, and in the summer, we get to move to Florida, so Daddy can learn to fly planes and copters.  (Miss M refers to helicopters as "copters", they are her favorite things.)
Miss A:  Lots of planes and copters?  Then Daddy will be hot.