Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thoughts While Watching the Nutcracker...

Miss R:  Are those bad guys?
Mama:  The mice?  Yeah.
Miss R:  No.  The meese.

Miss A:  He better not slice his bum off.

Miss M:  They're having a dancy battle.

Quotes: Miss R...

This song makes me have awesome thoughts.

(First thing on waking up.)  Mama.  Let's be bats!

Quotes: Miss M...

Let's go to the dinosaur land, back in the 1890's.

How did it get to be called a hospital?  Hos-pit-all.  Oh, I get it!  Cause babies come there and they spit.  Oh, and there are surgeries, and the blood spits out.

Miss M:  Now what am I?  (Waves her arms around.)  It's something from Guam.
Mama:  Ummm...  A brown tree snake.
Miss M:  No, but close.  I'm a hula girl!

(While watching football) All they're trying to do is get the ball by knocking each other over.

Quotes: Miss A...

I wish I had a nice pet cheetah, or a kitten.

OK.  Keep looking at the tv, and not at me.  No.  Seriously.

Cheetah!  I mean Horsey!  Stay there!

Is it fast Sunday?  I knew it.  Everything is like 'zoom'.

Something Is Working...

I usually doubt whether I am fit to be a mother.  Once in a while though, one of them says something that makes me feel, "Yes, I am getting through to them on some level at least..."

Miss A:  (About a comic character.)  Why does she have high heels on when she's fighting?


Usually I do well at understanding Miss R's dialect.  After a late start talking, she now speaks very well (and incessantly), but once in a while things do get lost.

Miss R:  Pwetend it was a sew-er sire hoe-se.
Mama:  A what?
Miss R:  A SO-er sire hoe-se.
Mama:  A sew er shire horse?  (Thinking, a horse that sews?  What is she thinking?)
Miss R:  NO.  A SO-ER sire hoe-se, that sews twicks.

So sew equals show, and the tendency to shout when people don't understand what is being said to them evidently begins at birth.

Oh, and when Miss R is pretending to be an animal, which she usually is, she refers to herself in the third person, thus the "pretend it was a shire horse."