Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Miss A: Quotes...

Is today an odd day or an even day?  Ohhh...  Of course!  It's the twenty-one-th.

Dogs are scared of black cats cause they have sharper teeth than normal cats.  I saw it on a movie!

Miss M: Quotes...

Miss M:  Is Mr. Country (call sign...) in the Navy?
Mama:  Yeah.  He's a helicopter pilot.
Miss M:  Oooh la la!

Mom?  I had a dream?  That Allie was our neighbor?  And she lived in Elise's house?  And she had a big strawberry on top of her roof!

Miss M:  Let's play I Spy Things in the Clouds That Look Like They Are Real.  Oh!  I spy a horse!  That is stuck in the mud!  And there's its head.
Mama:  Ok...  Go  ahead.
Miss M:  No.  No.  You can't go until I'm done!
Mama:  No.  No.  You go ahead, go!  What do you spy?
Miss M:  No.  No.  You can't say ANYTHING!
Mama:  Ok, I won't say anything!  Go ahead.
Miss M:  I know you cheated...
Mama:  (laughing)  I'm not cheating!  Just go!  What do you see in those clouds?
Miss M:  Iiiiii seeee...  Well, a dragon.
Mama:  Where?
Miss M:  Right there.  Uh.  That's its crown, he's the king, and that's his eye, and he's dying.
Mama:  Oh how sad!
Miss M:  Well he's a BAD guy.
Mama:  Oh, ok.
Miss M:  Actually he's a snake.

Miss M:  Mom, did you know all the dinosaurs in the world are girls?
Mama:  No, I didn't know that.  Are there still dinosaurs walking around?  Or are they extinct?
Miss M:  There ARE dinosaurs walking around.  In California.  They are NOT extinct.