Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Miss A:  What was the Pentacost?
Miss M:  Maybe it was a pen that cost lots of money.

Miss R, being a cat:  This kitty can spin its tail while doing back fwips wif ownwee its ears!

Miss R, in a prayer (at Aunt M and Uncle B's house):  Thanks that we're safe in our house, and it's so beautiful here and there are horses we can wide.

Miss M:  You know what the word brave makes me think of?  A bandaid.

Quotes: Miss A...

Miss A:  (While demonstrating the chicken dance to her sister.)  Look.  I have done this with PROFESSIONAL Germans.  (Which she kind of did, at the German show at Busch Gardens.)

Miss A:  Miss R sleep cackles all through the night.


Mama:  See!  You can always look in books to find answers to questions.  (About how much airplanes weigh.)
Miss M:  And you can always ask space aliens to find answers to stuff.  They're very smart.