Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quotes: Miss M...

(While looking at Aunt L's hummingbird feeder, in Idaho)
Oooh!  I hope we see a spatule tail!
(which is only found in one valley in Peru, so that would be quite the migration.)
Image result for marvelous spatuletail

If you had a fireplace in your belly, you could just roast marshmallows in your belly!

(At the zoo.)
Mama:  I love their landscaping!
Miss M:  Me too!!!  What's landscaping?
Mama:  (definition)
Miss M:  And I like their benches, they're so organic.
(Which, you know, they kind of were.  They're made of big rough cut timbers, so they look very natural, and organic.)

(On discussing different kinds of doctors.)
Mama:  Dr. Delgado is a pediatrician, Daddy is a surgeon.
Miss M:  Yeah.  He digs in peoples' nethers and stuff.  And like looks at their bladders and bones.

(When Uncle O came to visit.)
Mama:  What could we do tomorrow that's mostly inside?  (It was going to be rainy.)
Miss M:  Play abcya?  (computer game)
Mama:  No.  I meant with Uncle O.
Miss M:  Oh. Tackle him.

Miss M:  Mom, I need an obi...

(A prayer for stuffed animal primary, which the girls sometimes hold when we get home from church.  Flopsy, Miss M's special bunny, was saying it.)
Dear Heavenly Father,
Thankful for this day, help us to have a nice time, bless Jesus to have a nice time in (leans over and whispers "Heaven" in the bunny's ear) Heaven.  Name of Jesus Christ, amen.