Friday, July 31, 2015

Miss M: Trip Highlights...

My favorite things about the trip so far have been:

1.  My most favorite thing is seeing my family.  And talking with my family.
2.  Going to the water park.  I liked the slides.  And the huge buckets.  And one of them said "world's biggest splash."
3.  The Alpine Slide.  I was afraid first, but then I realized that it was fun.
4.  I loved lighting fireworks.
5.  Riding on Spice the horse.

Miss A: Trip Highlights...

My favorite things about the trip:

1.  My first favorite thing was going to this house with a theater room, a bounce house, a skee ball game (one side was broken) and this house cottage and this mini market thing.
2.  I liked swimming in the Jenny Lake.  I liked it because I was catching these teeny fish about as long as your thumb nail and it was really cold.  I'd never felt a river that cold before.

3.  My next favorite was the Alpine Slide.  I thought it would be scary, but then after the ride I thought maybe I should have chose the one with steeper dives and wider turns.
4.  My next favorite thing was going to a water park with BIG buckets that dumped and the splash was very big.  And my first two water slides were orange and yellow ones with tunnels, but the last orange tunnel, after you got out of the tunnel, you started to drop and it felt like you were flying.  Sometimes I would float.  The next ride I went on was the scariest because it was dark black and purple two.  After the twists and turns there was a straight down drop, and then you started to straighten out a little.  And my Grandma and Grandpa went on the purple slide too.  After that Miss M and I went to a blue slide called Hang 5.  After that one we went on a green one called Hang 10.  After all of the slides we went to the lazy river.  I kind of drifted off to sleep until someone bumped into me.  And then after that it was time to eat.  For my drink I had orange soda.  For my meal I had pizza.  And then it was time to leave.
5.  My last favorite thing was my first family reunion.  Cousin Kr and Cousin K and Cousin J all of them gave me piggy back rides because Cousin J did this monster thing where he ran away from the other two.  At the family reunion I slept with one of my favorite cousins, Cousin Kr.  I've had a fun time on my trip so far.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Quotes From the Road...

We are on a marathon summer trip!   Here are some things the girls have said...

Miss R, in West Virginia:  Look at all the funder bugs!
Grandma:  You mean lightning bugs?

Miss R, in the mountains of Idaho:  This is a curly road.

Miss A, wading in a creek in Idaho:  This is so refreshing!  No.  Really.  I can't feel my feet.

Miss M, randomly:  I really love bunnies because they make really good fertilizer.

Miss A:  Well, I understand why Aunt L doesn't ever want to move.  She has every toy!

In the Tetons:
Mama:  If I could live anywhere in the world I would choose right here.  Except with Tarague Beach (Guam) right there.
Miss M:  And there would be a candy store right there, and a church.
Mama:  And a library.
Miss M:  And a food store that has all your favorite food.  Yeah, cause Heaven can do whatever it wants.  Well, except sin.

Miss M, telling stories in the car:  Paul Bunyan put Babe the blue fox, on a fire to warm him up.  But he stayed blue.  That's his normrell color.  When he's mad, he turns red.  When he swims, he turns orange.  When he's warm, he turns pink.  And when it's just right, he turns purple.  He's a rainbow ox.

Miss R, on getting out of bed to go down to the hotel breakfast:  I wiss they could serve it up here.

First Rodeo...

Here is Miss A's report:  The rodeo was good, because there were fireworks, buckin broncos, and there was a bull named Wolverine and he tried to gore one of the cowboys!  And no one had ever ridden him.  There were little kids on sheep too that got bucked off and some hung on to the sheep.  There were riders that lit up with lights on them because it was the hundredth year and there was a stage coach that lit up too.  The first night we were there the lit up horses braided and did cool stuff and never ran into each other.  The whole arena was dark and there were lights, lots and lots of lights before that happened.  The next night there was a little foal and its mom.  After all that there was cattle roping.  Two people didn't make it.  I can't believe there's a queen cowgirl and lots of princess cowgirls!

Some quotes:

Miss M, about a steer (male teenage cow):  Look at its milk thing flipping back and forth!

Miss A, at the end of the first night:  Since the bulls didn't gore anyone it was kind of boring.

The girls with Aunt L, the first night we went to the rodeo.

My report:  The girls' first rodeo!  And my first rodeo in an air conditioned arena.  I liked it.  The girls were so fun to watch.  Miss A was riveted, both nights.  The first night Miss M paid pretty good attention, and her favorite thing was a girl in front of us wearing a sequin covered royal blue cowboy hat that had lights around the brim.  The second night she was so tired she just sort of zoned out.  Miss R was so tired and wired from so many weeks of our trip, that she spent the whole first night being a bucking bronco, and doing quite accurate impressions.  Luckily we had a few empty seats around us so she had some space.  The second night she was so "firsty," that nothing else could hold her attention.  The second night was rough...
Some things to remember:  The Snake River Stampeders!  A drill team, which means they gallop around on their horses doing complex formations and almost running into each other.  In the pitch dark.  Pretty impressive.  Also, the One Armed Bandit, a man with, yes, one arm, who rode around at a gallop while cracking a whip.  And then, had two bull buffalo come out!  We were excited to see buffalo.  His act culminated with him on his mule and his two buffalo climbing on top of a moving horse trailer and spinning around.  Who knew you could train buffalo to do tricks?  I must have one.  The last night of the rodeo started with something cute/ sad.  They had a big wooden box decorated like a birthday cake, since it's the 100th anniversary of the rodeo.  Fireworks went off on top of it, then it opened, and out came a cute little tiny pinto foal!  But it was so scared and freaked out!  Imagine being in a dark box with loud fireworks on it, then the door opens, and you run out into a huge arena filled with deafening music and thousands of screaming people.  They released the mom to run around with it, which was better, but I thought it was pretty cruel.  The worst thing about the rodeo was the noise.  The music, (which why play loud rock music constantly?) was truly deafening.  The announcer was so loud that you couldn't hear him clearly.  With my fingers pressed in my ears it was on the loud side of just right.  The best thing?  The bucking broncs.  And the bulls.  With names like "Bath Bubbles"  and "Foofy Foofy."  They were gorgeous and glorious.

The girls with Cousin L the last night of the rodeo.

Uncle C brought the girls elk antlers.  So the whole rest of the night, including a very LOOONG car ride home, they were bugling and being elk...