Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aquatic Mammals...

Miss A and Miss M were born loving anything to do with water.  Baths, sprinklers, pools, oceans, you name it.  Even getting underfoot to wet their hands while I water my plants with the hose.  Miss A prays for the beach every time she says a prayer.  They beg to go swimming.  They talk about Grandma's pool with a "big slide" (a little blow-up pool with a plastic playground slide) like it's paradise on earth.  So yesterday we finally made it to the spray ground at the botanical garden, and these girls got to get themselves wet. 

They were so excited, they could barely function to dress in their bathing suits.  They ran, they splashed, they dashed through every fountain, jet, mister, bubbler.  And when they had no more energy, laid down in the deepest puddle, twitching.  Daddy and I sat under a shady tree, and tried to fend off their dripping bodies when they leaped at us to tell us they were "GETTING ALL WET!!!!" and "DID YOU SEE DID YOU SEE DID YOU SEE!?!?!?!?"  It was a wonderful time.  Obviously, I need to take them swimming more often...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time Relativity

Miss A:  "Well, six can be seven if it wants to!"
(Our house rule is that girls must stay in bed until seven o'clock.  Miss A popped up next to my bed as the cuckoo struck six...)