Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thank You Yoda...

Two items of information:  Miss A was noticing the new holiday decorations out in stores, and Miss M's birthday is coming up...

Miss A:  Why is there tons of Valen Days Times stuff out?
Miss M:  After my birthday it is.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Random Quotes...

Miss M:  I love love awesome songs.

Miss M:  Mama, how old are you?
Mama:  36.
Miss M:  And Daddy, how old are you?
Daddy:  32.
Miss M:  That means you can catch a seal and eat it.

(A note of explanation on this next one...  We have some wonderful neighbors who foster stray animals for the shelter here.  They are very nice and let us visit and play with their baby puppies and kittens, which is great, and which leads all four of us girls to plead with Daddy to let us have some.  So far we haven't had any luck...  Anyway, Miss A was playing in the tub with a rubber duck.)
Miss A:  I used to foster this duck.  But then I told the fostering lady that I was going to keep this good duck!  Muwaaah!  (Big kiss on the head of the duck there.)

(Daddy went in for the normal night time check, before he and I went to bed.  He found Miss A with her shirt pulled up over a bare belly and her talking in her sleep...)
Daddy:  Bug.  What are you doing?
Miss A:  I'm cold...
Daddy:  Do you want me to turn off the fan?  And here's your blanket.
Miss A:  Uhg.  No.  It's the other word.  I'm hot...

Miss R:  Plop.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miss A's Day...

I played at davy's  haose .   I played games.  I ate at davy's haose . 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Four Years Old- Almost...

I have a wise sister who has six kids.  She once told me that the most challenging age her children went through was four years old.  We're almost there with Miss M, and I can really tell...  These last couple of weeks have been... different.  Lots of arguing and power struggles.  But she still is so cute!  I need to always remember the sweet things she says and does, and focus on her little innocent spirit.  Here are some Miss M quotes from the last two days...

"Do you know what a bullet is?  It's a round round ball and it shoots bad guys."
 "When I have not any toe nails painted, then I'm cute.  When I have toenails painted, then, I'm pretty."  (This is a constant struggle with Miss M.  I always mess up and say that she is cute, and then she gets mad and says she's not cute!  She's pretty!  I don't know where her objection to being cute comes from, but it is hard to work around, because she is undeniably... cute.)

And this conversation from the back seat:
Miss M:  Isn't this ocean pretty?  And these mountains are pretty.  But mud is not pretty because it has dirt in it.
Miss A:  I think mud is pretty.  It is a pretty brown color.

Miss A's Fondest Wish...

"Tonight I really really really wanna catch a deer.  We never catch a deer!  Grab a flashlight."

She likes deer.