Thursday, October 31, 2013


B and I have started doing P90X this week, early in the mornings.  Our efforts have not gone unnoticed, at least by Miss A.

"Dad, you are looking stronger than usual."

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Miss M: Quotes of the Day...

Charlie got me sick at school.  He put some diarrhea in me.  He had it in his backpack.

(Miss M is being Iron Man for Halloween.)
When I go like THIS (raises hand, palm out), that means I'm going to kill you.  Ok?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Quotes From Miss A...

Miss A:  Mom.  This computer is just trouble!  Every time I push the space to get a capital, and the thing just moves!
Mama:  Well... to get a capital, you know you have to push the shift key...

(A Prayer:)
Please bless that the Legion of Super Hero disc can be fixed from the library.

Mom!  I just love this caterpillar pillow!  So big!  So soft!  So green!

(Now seven and passed her swim test!  She can officially swim by herself in the big pool!!!)

Quotes From Miss M...

The more dark the clouds are the more it's pouring rain.  Allie told me that.  She knows everything.

(Miss M usually has some pretty interesting things to say first thing in the morning, when she is just barely awake...  Here are two days' worth:)
Mom!  I was sledding!  In the Arctic!
I thought I was a turtle!

She can go barefoot outside.  There are no hookworms in her land.

It's a good thing waffles can't talk.

When it rains, the angels actually have to push on the clouds.

Quotes From Miss R...

Mama:  What shirt do you want?
Miss R:  Owl hurt.
Mama:  You want your owl shirt?  What do owls say?
Miss R:  Foo foo!
Mama:  They say "foo foo"?
Miss R:  NO!!!  FOOOO!

Wuh Wuff= Ruffles
Yuh yick= yogurt
Nang woo= kangaroo
Uh Yadies!= Hello ladies!

An exceptionally rare event!  Miss R never falls asleep anywhere but her bed or her car seat.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Characteristics of a Good General...

Miss M (4) was just perusing our "Civil War Generals of the Union" placemat...
"He did not lose any of his buttons!  But this one did.  But this one has all his buttons.  And so does this one.  And this one (General Burnside) is just funny..."

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Non Sequiteur...

After we finished reading this book:

Miss M:  I am FULL of science!!!


Miss M:  You know?  All the clouds are made of junk.
Mama:  Junk?  What kind of junk?
Miss M:  You know the junk?  From the glass bottles?


On night time walks...
Miss R:  Mama!  Moon!
(She looks down, around at other things, then, back up...)
Miss R:  Mama!  Nother moon!!!
According to her, earth has more moons than Jupiter.


Miss A:  Dad, I wish I was in Heaven.
Daddy:  You wish you were in Heaven?  Why?
Miss A:  Because then I could cuddle up with a cheetah. 
Daddy:  Really...
Miss A:  Mama says it's a lot like earth but better.  And then she could cuddle up with a grizzly bear.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Life Milestone...

I got my ears pierced when I was seven, and I always figured that was a good age for it.  I didn't want it at 8, because that is the special baptism birthday in our church, and I didn't want my girls looking forward to getting earrings more than being baptized!  So Miss A decided she did want her ears pierced, and she wanted it done while Grandma was here visiting.  So we went, with a friend who also wanted her's done.  Miss A went first...
 She was very excited!!!
 And a little nervous...  But do you know what?  She did great.  Didn't so much as twitch.  I had prepped her for the worst.  When she asked if it would hurt, I said yes, because they put a gun up to your head and shoot a needle through your ear.  So I guess if you're expecting that...
 Next Miss G went.  She wanted Miss A to hold her hand.

Two big girls with pink "crystals" in their ears!

And now a quote from Miss A:
I just twisted my earrings because I could feel the skin attaching.

Seasonal Deprivation Strikes Again...

On a hot, tropical, wet, muggy, steamy, normal Guam day...

Miss A:  We should watch Christmas movies today and pretend its cold and snowy outside and go out and play fa la la games!

Didn't Make This Up, I Promise...

Miss M:  Krista says Santa is not real.  But Santa is real!  I love Santa.  And I love God.  But we love God more than we love Santa...

A Scary Movie...

This year I have been allowing us to get excited for Christmas a little early...  The girls love the Nutcracker.  They have seen the Fantasia version, the weird Maurice Sendak version, and read several picture books with the story.  I decided Saturday that it was time they saw the GOOD one, the one I grew up watching and dancing to, the 1977 Mikhail Baryshnikov version.  I have looked for it everywhere on video and netflix with no luck, but I found most of it broken up in segments on youtube.  The girls absolutely loved it.  One section was gone, and Miss A thought that the missing one was the one containing the scary rats, but unfortunately...

Miss A:  So we didn't pass the mice...  No problem.  I can recover.

(And yes, now I see this dvd so I can order it...)

Time Flies, or Not...

Miss M, while waiting impatiently for a LONG anticipated day at the waterpark, and looking at the clock:
Miss M:  Why is it doing that?!?!?!
Mama:  Why is what doing what?
Miss M:  The clock!  It's stuck.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quote of the Day...

Miss M:  Planes are faster than cars.

(Spending the evening watching Fighters of World War 2.)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

She Loves Babies...

I know it is really hard to quantify and diagnose a tiny child's interests and personality, but of my three girls, I would have to say that Miss R is the one who has been most interested in baby dolls and babies.  She has a baby doll, that she carries around (usually by its head), wraps up in blankets, gives a bottle of milk to, and shoves a "plug" in its mouth.  Today at a playgroup, Grandma let her have a go at the real thing, a friend's two month old.

Little Baby G was very patient...  And Miss R could not understand why the baby would not suck her plug.  You could tell Miss R was thinking "What's wrong with this girl?  Who doesn't want to always suck a plug??!"
And here's a picture of her with Grandma's reading glasses...

Letters to Aunt MK...

Grandma is here!!!  She has been helping the girls write emails to their aunt.

Here is Miss M's:
i love you. you are my aunt. i cut my hair. i am prity. you are pritee.

Here is Miss R's:
kkj ekkkfkuk f k g love Miss R

Quotes of the Day...

Miss M, doing a work sheet about the letter K:  We kited a long time ago!

Miss R:  We Why!  (How she says her best friend's name.)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Write About Grandma...

           I  love my Grandma. She makse fereehuoses. We go to the pool. Grandma is macing a tertl.
She redes books. I hop you enjoy my stoy.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Radio Opinions...

I like music, and we listen to a lot of it.  The girls definitely have their favorites.  When I get tired of scrolling through the whole long list on my music player, I put it on shuffle and tell the girls they have to take what comes...

Miss M:  Um, Mom?  Could you please do the Bike Song?
(One of their very favorites...  You can find it here:

Mama:  Sorry Squirt, you have to ask the phone, it's deciding which songs come on.

Miss M:  Uh, excuse me phone, could you please do the bike song?

And, wouldn't you know it, it came on next...

Radio Opinions...

Miss M (in the car):  I wish you didn't like the newses.  I only like Disney music.

Fast Day Photos- July (Miss R)...



Fast Day Photos- July (Miss M)...


Fast Day Photos- July (Miss A)...

Here is a compendium of July's monthly photos for Miss A...







Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sure Sign That I Need to Clean the Bathroom...

Miss A:  Mom!  Smells like a lobster restaurant in here!  Wanna smell?
Mama:  No.  No.  I do not.

Discussions On Hair...

Miss M:  UG.  Mom, don't brush there!  It hurts!
Mama:  Well, I have to brush there.  That's where the tangles are.  We need to give you a trim.
Miss M:  What's a trim?
Mama:  We'll cut off the very tips of your hairs where it's all frazzled.
Miss M:  Ug.  You should just cut it all off.
Mama:  You want me to cut your hair short?  We wouldn't be able to do tails...
Miss M:  Yes.  You could just do mantanas like Miss R's.  But big mantanas.

Friday, June 28, 2013


We are watching Fantasia.  We are watching a fairy part from Fantasia.  The fairies are sparkely.  There is a flower part.  The flowers are falling in the river and soon they will fall down the waterfall.  The flowers are twirling before the waterfall part.  There are pretty fishies in the gleaming stream.  They are dancing.  And then there are flowers dancing.  There are beautiful snowflakes.  Snowflake fairies!  And the music is great.  I hope you enjoy my story!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Review...

I read Small bunny's blue blanket. by Tatyana Feeney. I liked it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Swimming Lessons...

At swimming, I do a phlip tern. I LOVE swimming. I can jump off the divingbord. My swim techers
name is Mis. Mary ellen. I hope you enjoy my story.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I have a pet owl. Her name is feather. Her nickname is Hoot. Her middle name Hoot. Her last name is
Hoot. I hope you enjoy my story.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Rainbow Wishes...

This morning we saw a rainbow.  (This is a very common occurrence on this island.)  I remarked that it was an interestingly flat rainbow...
Miss A:  Maybe it would be flat all the way to the ground and we could go on to it and get our three wishes! 
Mama:  What would you wish for?
Miss A:  A pet cheetah.  And my second wish would be for Grandma and Grandpa to come here with us.  And my third wish...  I wish I could have swimming lessons all day and forever!
(A picture taken from the balcony of our hotel when we first arrived on Guam.)

Bob: The Bermuda Triangle...

We have a double jogging stroller named Bob.  (I have a long and intense history of anthropomorphizing...)  He lives in our diving room, and goes everywhere with us.  He's, you know, pretty great...  I actually got offered a thousand dollars for him at the bx a couple days ago, and turned it down without a single regret.  Anyway, for some reason Miss R thinks that everything that we are looking for can be found in Bob.  "Miss R, where is Ruffles (her stuffed dog)?"  "Bob."  Sometimes it's true, and mostly not.  Today she came asking for "Daddy?"  And I said "I don't know where Daddy is."  "Bob."  Her other big obsession right now is geckos..
Miss R:  GECKO!!!
Mama:  You saw a gecko?!?  Where?
Miss R:  Bob.

(An old picture of Miss R, Ruffles, Miss M, and Flopsy taking naps in Bob.)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Miss M, looking at the clouds:  That looks like a fat mother chicken!  He looks funny.

Miss A, after a squadron swimming party:  Mama.  I opened my eyes under the water and looked up, through the water, and I could see the moon!  And it was a full moon!  And it had rainbow lights around it!  And the magic rainbow moonlight came into the water and actually turned me into a real mermaid!  Miss ME (grown-up friend) saw my actual tail!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quotes of the Day...

(While watching a you tube video of powered para-gliders.)
Miss A:  Is that the Great Wall of China?
Daddy:  I think this is in Europe.
Miss A:  Is that the Great Wall of Europe?
Daddy:  I think it's a castle...

(A conversation on a walk.)
Mama:  When we get back to the States, we'll get a cat whether Daddy wants us to or not.
Miss M:  Actually, I will have a bunny, and Miss A will have a deer, and Daddy will have a BIG crow, and you will have a cat, and Miss R will have a dog.  Actually, Daddy will have a dinosaur.

(At the playground.)
Miss A:  I am a cheetah that shoots lasers out of its eyes.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Headaches. BIG Headaches...

I may have mentioned before the phenomenon that appears to be very similar to love-at-first-sight that occurred when Miss A met Master D.  Months have passed, and the "relationship" (Heaven help me) shows no signs of weakening...  In church, where they are in the same primary class, they had a lesson on repentance.  They were supposed to write "I'm sorry" letters, but Master D couldn't think of anyone to write to, so he asked the teacher if he could draw a picture for someone he loved...  And this is it.

He is an adorable, sweet boy- don't get me wrong- and in twenty years I would be ecstatic if they got together.  I just think six is a bit soon!

And then, to make matters worse, Miss A came home from school with this, from a different boy:


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Miss A's assignment was to make up a new holiday and tell how she would celebrate it.

(My holiday is swimming day.  I would celebrate it.  Everybody has to swim in the waterpark.  There would be no school and no work.) 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Story...

Once     there   was    Leprchune .   And    it   was   Spring.
And   he   was   in   the   valy   of   Spring.  
He   meareeed.    But   this   girl .   And   she   made
Spring.   And   thae   lived   happlyevravtr.

(The assignment this time was to write a story about spring weather...  But she has gotten the idea, since the last story had to be about a leprechaun, that all stories must be about leprechauns...)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Story By Miss A...

Once   there   was   a   princess   and   she   had   the   pot   of   gld.  And   the   Leprechaun   was   angry.    But   the   prince   wasn’t   there.   But   the   King   hrd   about   it.   But   the   Leprechaun
Noou (knew)  where   hre   kasl   was.   But   they   lived   together.   And   the   princess   urged.(agreed)
And   they   lived   happlyevravtr.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Looking at the globe...
Miss M:  Oh!  Look at Guam!  It's so cutie!  It's like a little baby island...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Miss M:  (Drawing)  This is a big apple.  It talks.
Miss A:  Apples don't talk!
Miss M:  In Virginia they talk.
(Miss M's pencil rolls off the table.)
Miss M:  You DID THAT!
Miss A:  No I didn't!
Miss M:  You did that with your magic!
Miss A:  My magic was sleeping when your pencil fell down.
Mama:  Miss M!  Scooch back so Miss A can do her homework!
Miss M:  (Continuing on her picture...)  That's me in my bed.
Miss A:  Which your bed isn't round.  Do you want me to help you?
Miss M:  Mmm hmmm.  (Brief moment of sisterly cooperation on Miss M's picture...)
Miss M:  Mommm!  Miss A said 'Don't talk' to me!
Miss A:  She is bothering me!

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Debate...

Miss M:  Mom.  I want to finish watching Star Wars.
Mom:  Well, I am worried about your imagination.  I want you to go play first.
Miss M:  Mom, my imagination is still in my body!  I want to watch Star Wars.

Quote of the Day...

Miss A:  Mom- can we watch a movie?  I haven't had enough screen time.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thank You Yoda...

Two items of information:  Miss A was noticing the new holiday decorations out in stores, and Miss M's birthday is coming up...

Miss A:  Why is there tons of Valen Days Times stuff out?
Miss M:  After my birthday it is.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Random Quotes...

Miss M:  I love love awesome songs.

Miss M:  Mama, how old are you?
Mama:  36.
Miss M:  And Daddy, how old are you?
Daddy:  32.
Miss M:  That means you can catch a seal and eat it.

(A note of explanation on this next one...  We have some wonderful neighbors who foster stray animals for the shelter here.  They are very nice and let us visit and play with their baby puppies and kittens, which is great, and which leads all four of us girls to plead with Daddy to let us have some.  So far we haven't had any luck...  Anyway, Miss A was playing in the tub with a rubber duck.)
Miss A:  I used to foster this duck.  But then I told the fostering lady that I was going to keep this good duck!  Muwaaah!  (Big kiss on the head of the duck there.)

(Daddy went in for the normal night time check, before he and I went to bed.  He found Miss A with her shirt pulled up over a bare belly and her talking in her sleep...)
Daddy:  Bug.  What are you doing?
Miss A:  I'm cold...
Daddy:  Do you want me to turn off the fan?  And here's your blanket.
Miss A:  Uhg.  No.  It's the other word.  I'm hot...

Miss R:  Plop.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miss A's Day...

I played at davy's  haose .   I played games.  I ate at davy's haose . 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Four Years Old- Almost...

I have a wise sister who has six kids.  She once told me that the most challenging age her children went through was four years old.  We're almost there with Miss M, and I can really tell...  These last couple of weeks have been... different.  Lots of arguing and power struggles.  But she still is so cute!  I need to always remember the sweet things she says and does, and focus on her little innocent spirit.  Here are some Miss M quotes from the last two days...

"Do you know what a bullet is?  It's a round round ball and it shoots bad guys."
 "When I have not any toe nails painted, then I'm cute.  When I have toenails painted, then, I'm pretty."  (This is a constant struggle with Miss M.  I always mess up and say that she is cute, and then she gets mad and says she's not cute!  She's pretty!  I don't know where her objection to being cute comes from, but it is hard to work around, because she is undeniably... cute.)

And this conversation from the back seat:
Miss M:  Isn't this ocean pretty?  And these mountains are pretty.  But mud is not pretty because it has dirt in it.
Miss A:  I think mud is pretty.  It is a pretty brown color.

Miss A's Fondest Wish...

"Tonight I really really really wanna catch a deer.  We never catch a deer!  Grab a flashlight."

She likes deer.