Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Amazing Thing...

Mama:  What did you do today?
Miss A:  Practicing.  (Mama thinks hmmm.  Today we went on a walk and went to storytime...  Practicing?)
Mama:  What did you practice?
Miss A:  Uh, coloring.
Mama:  And what else did we do?
Miss A:  Playing outside, and walking.
Mama:  What was your favorite thing? 
Miss A:  The fun rides!  Member, I liked the fun rides and that train.  And I go up the hill and I tipped over!  That is a amazing thing!  (This refers, I'm guessing, to a fun day we had two weeks ago when Grandma and Grandpa took Miss A to an amusement park.  She is quite an adrenaline junkie, and loved the kiddie roller coaster.  She would have loved the big ones, if she wasn't too short to get on...)

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