Friday, June 1, 2012

Travel Plans...

We recently undertook a big move.  There were many weeks of uncertainty, staying in hotels and with kind relatives, and without the belongings that all of us are accustomed to...  The girls took it well, but keeping them abreast of what was going on when we didn't usually know ourselves was challenging!

Miss M:  "Where are we going?"
Mama:  "We are driving to New Orleans and then Daddy will drop us off at the hotel and we will say goodbye to Sally Boy (our car, named by Miss A a couple years ago).  Because Sally Boy has to cross the ocean on a boat.  And then we will spend the night at the hotel, then the next day we will get on the plane.  We will fly on the plane for two days, and then we will get to Guam."
Miss M:  "Uh...  How bout five minutes on the plane."

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