Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Miss M:  (Drawing)  This is a big apple.  It talks.
Miss A:  Apples don't talk!
Miss M:  In Virginia they talk.
(Miss M's pencil rolls off the table.)
Miss M:  You DID THAT!
Miss A:  No I didn't!
Miss M:  You did that with your magic!
Miss A:  My magic was sleeping when your pencil fell down.
Mama:  Miss M!  Scooch back so Miss A can do her homework!
Miss M:  (Continuing on her picture...)  That's me in my bed.
Miss A:  Which your bed isn't round.  Do you want me to help you?
Miss M:  Mmm hmmm.  (Brief moment of sisterly cooperation on Miss M's picture...)
Miss M:  Mommm!  Miss A said 'Don't talk' to me!
Miss A:  She is bothering me!

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