Friday, June 14, 2013

Bob: The Bermuda Triangle...

We have a double jogging stroller named Bob.  (I have a long and intense history of anthropomorphizing...)  He lives in our diving room, and goes everywhere with us.  He's, you know, pretty great...  I actually got offered a thousand dollars for him at the bx a couple days ago, and turned it down without a single regret.  Anyway, for some reason Miss R thinks that everything that we are looking for can be found in Bob.  "Miss R, where is Ruffles (her stuffed dog)?"  "Bob."  Sometimes it's true, and mostly not.  Today she came asking for "Daddy?"  And I said "I don't know where Daddy is."  "Bob."  Her other big obsession right now is geckos..
Miss R:  GECKO!!!
Mama:  You saw a gecko?!?  Where?
Miss R:  Bob.

(An old picture of Miss R, Ruffles, Miss M, and Flopsy taking naps in Bob.)

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