Wednesday, August 7, 2013

She Loves Babies...

I know it is really hard to quantify and diagnose a tiny child's interests and personality, but of my three girls, I would have to say that Miss R is the one who has been most interested in baby dolls and babies.  She has a baby doll, that she carries around (usually by its head), wraps up in blankets, gives a bottle of milk to, and shoves a "plug" in its mouth.  Today at a playgroup, Grandma let her have a go at the real thing, a friend's two month old.

Little Baby G was very patient...  And Miss R could not understand why the baby would not suck her plug.  You could tell Miss R was thinking "What's wrong with this girl?  Who doesn't want to always suck a plug??!"
And here's a picture of her with Grandma's reading glasses...

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