Sunday, September 13, 2009


Mama:  What did we see yesterday morning when we went on a walk?  Do you remember?
Miss A:  Ummm.  Hmmm...
Mama:  What did we see up in the air?  They were flying up in the air?  What were they?
Miss A:  A airplanes!
Mama:  We saw airplanes, but remember, we saw six... Ah!  What were they?
Miss A:  Balloons!!!  Ha ha!  (Hot air balloons)
Mama:  And where did we go today?  Did we go to church?
Miss A:  To church!
Mama:  And then where did you go?
Miss A:  Nursery!
Mama:  Yeah.  And what did you do in Nursery?
Miss A:  Some play dough.
Mama:  Some play dough?  I didn't know you got to play with play dough!
Miss A:  And color!
Mama:  And color!  My goodness!  How fun.  And who came in and sang songs with you?
Miss A:  Aunt Lori.
Mama:  What songs did you sing?
Miss A:  The stars.  (I Am Like a Star Shining Brightly)

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