Friday, September 11, 2009

The Westaurant

Mama:  Kay.  What did we do today?
Miss A:  I just finding the other whale...  (Playing with model animals.)
Mama:  You're just finding the other whale?  Where did we go tonight?  Where did we eat supper?
Miss A:  At the westaurant.
Mama:  Yeah.  Was it fun?
Miss A:  Yeah!
Mama:  And then where did we go?  Where did we go after the restaurant?
Miss A:  Beep!  Beep!
Mama:  Where did we go after the restaurant Bugs?
Miss A:  Ummm.  I eat at the westaurant.
Mama:  Did we go to the Festival?  (Art in the Park.)
Miss A:  Yeah!
Mama:  What did we see there?
Miss A:  Ahhh!  There's the other whale!!!
Mama:  There it is!

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