Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Favorite Movies:  The Three Caballeros (purchased by the Mama at a thrift store, who now wishes she hadn't.  The title song has a horrible mind staying power...  "We're gay little chappies, all wrapped in serapes...").  And "Perkalees."  (Hercules.)
Favorite Downstairs Activity:  Spinning.  (on some exercise straps that hang from the ceiling.  Miss A can do spins that would make an Olympic figure skater green with envy.)
Favorite Upstairs Activity:  Bathing
Favorite Toy:  Mortimer the Rodent (given to her for Christmas by Grandma.  He runs around and squeaks.)
Favorite Place:  The Dinosaur Museum.  (Science Center, where she goes with Daddy to see the giant moving Tyranosaurus which both fascinates and terrifies her, and the giant Triceratops, which is "taking a little nap."  With some bloody gashes on its side...)

Favorite Books:  Smile, Busy Pandas, Animal Noises, and Touch and Feel Kitten
Favorite Downstairs Activity:  Cruising around in her walker.  And putting everything in her mouth.
Favorite Upstairs Activity:  Strafing runs on Miss A while being flown around by Daddy.  And putting everything in her mouth.
Favorite Toy:  Disgusting Little People horse with a hairy mane purchased at a garage sale.
Favorite Place:  Anywhere in the stroller.

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