Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Experiences...

While playing with cups of water in the sink:  "But this is my drink.  But it is hot.  But I am Grandpa."  (Grandpa drinks coffee...)

The Starfish:  Daddy got a sticky starfish for his birthday, the kind that is thrown against the wall, and crawls down.  Miss A was so freaked out, and yet so fascinated, that Daddy got quite a few good laughs out of it.  Even when it was put up on a shelf, she wouldn't take her eyes off it, and kept saying "It won't move.  It won't move."  Daddy, to torture her, made her pick it up after it fell on the floor, and she very slowly and tentatively crept up, with a trembling finger outstretched, saying "It won't move.  It won't move." 

A Surprise:  Miss A delighted the Mama by, on her own, and without being told, picking up all the toys in the play room until it was spotless!  I really laid on the positive reinforcement...

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