Monday, January 14, 2013

Random Quotes...

Miss M:  I love love awesome songs.

Miss M:  Mama, how old are you?
Mama:  36.
Miss M:  And Daddy, how old are you?
Daddy:  32.
Miss M:  That means you can catch a seal and eat it.

(A note of explanation on this next one...  We have some wonderful neighbors who foster stray animals for the shelter here.  They are very nice and let us visit and play with their baby puppies and kittens, which is great, and which leads all four of us girls to plead with Daddy to let us have some.  So far we haven't had any luck...  Anyway, Miss A was playing in the tub with a rubber duck.)
Miss A:  I used to foster this duck.  But then I told the fostering lady that I was going to keep this good duck!  Muwaaah!  (Big kiss on the head of the duck there.)

(Daddy went in for the normal night time check, before he and I went to bed.  He found Miss A with her shirt pulled up over a bare belly and her talking in her sleep...)
Daddy:  Bug.  What are you doing?
Miss A:  I'm cold...
Daddy:  Do you want me to turn off the fan?  And here's your blanket.
Miss A:  Uhg.  No.  It's the other word.  I'm hot...

Miss R:  Plop.

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