Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quotes of the Day...

(While watching a you tube video of powered para-gliders.)
Miss A:  Is that the Great Wall of China?
Daddy:  I think this is in Europe.
Miss A:  Is that the Great Wall of Europe?
Daddy:  I think it's a castle...

(A conversation on a walk.)
Mama:  When we get back to the States, we'll get a cat whether Daddy wants us to or not.
Miss M:  Actually, I will have a bunny, and Miss A will have a deer, and Daddy will have a BIG crow, and you will have a cat, and Miss R will have a dog.  Actually, Daddy will have a dinosaur.

(At the playground.)
Miss A:  I am a cheetah that shoots lasers out of its eyes.

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