Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Life Milestone...

I got my ears pierced when I was seven, and I always figured that was a good age for it.  I didn't want it at 8, because that is the special baptism birthday in our church, and I didn't want my girls looking forward to getting earrings more than being baptized!  So Miss A decided she did want her ears pierced, and she wanted it done while Grandma was here visiting.  So we went, with a friend who also wanted her's done.  Miss A went first...
 She was very excited!!!
 And a little nervous...  But do you know what?  She did great.  Didn't so much as twitch.  I had prepped her for the worst.  When she asked if it would hurt, I said yes, because they put a gun up to your head and shoot a needle through your ear.  So I guess if you're expecting that...
 Next Miss G went.  She wanted Miss A to hold her hand.

Two big girls with pink "crystals" in their ears!

And now a quote from Miss A:
I just twisted my earrings because I could feel the skin attaching.

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