Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Scary Movie...

This year I have been allowing us to get excited for Christmas a little early...  The girls love the Nutcracker.  They have seen the Fantasia version, the weird Maurice Sendak version, and read several picture books with the story.  I decided Saturday that it was time they saw the GOOD one, the one I grew up watching and dancing to, the 1977 Mikhail Baryshnikov version.  I have looked for it everywhere on video and netflix with no luck, but I found most of it broken up in segments on youtube.  The girls absolutely loved it.  One section was gone, and Miss A thought that the missing one was the one containing the scary rats, but unfortunately...

Miss A:  So we didn't pass the mice...  No problem.  I can recover.

(And yes, now I see this dvd so I can order it...)

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