Sunday, August 3, 2014

Quotes: Miss A...

Daddy:  I think Miss M is going to be taller than you someday.
Miss A:  No.  NO!
Mama:  Yeah, like I'm tall, and Daddy is taller than Grandpa.
Miss A:  That's because he's old.

Sign at the garden center:  Huge Summer Clearance!
Mama:  Oooh!  We should go to the nursery!
Miss A:   Mom.  We should only buy things we need, not that we want.  Do you need anything at the nursery?

Miss A:  When I was sliding down the steps I was all faced red and I was smiling so bad!

Miss A:  I totally want baskets on my motorcycle.

Miss A:  And in the movie, there was a baby!
Mama:  Was it cute?
Miss A:  Yes!  It was fluffy darn cute!
Miss M:  I wish we had a baby dodo...

Miss A Vocab of the Day:

handsitizer = hand sanitizer
shipshafeter = shape shifter  (We play this game a lot, because we can never all agree on what animal to be.  Me: pegasus.  Miss A:  cheetah.  Miss M:  kitty.  Miss R:  pronghorn.)

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