Monday, July 20, 2015

Quotes From the Road...

We are on a marathon summer trip!   Here are some things the girls have said...

Miss R, in West Virginia:  Look at all the funder bugs!
Grandma:  You mean lightning bugs?

Miss R, in the mountains of Idaho:  This is a curly road.

Miss A, wading in a creek in Idaho:  This is so refreshing!  No.  Really.  I can't feel my feet.

Miss M, randomly:  I really love bunnies because they make really good fertilizer.

Miss A:  Well, I understand why Aunt L doesn't ever want to move.  She has every toy!

In the Tetons:
Mama:  If I could live anywhere in the world I would choose right here.  Except with Tarague Beach (Guam) right there.
Miss M:  And there would be a candy store right there, and a church.
Mama:  And a library.
Miss M:  And a food store that has all your favorite food.  Yeah, cause Heaven can do whatever it wants.  Well, except sin.

Miss M, telling stories in the car:  Paul Bunyan put Babe the blue fox, on a fire to warm him up.  But he stayed blue.  That's his normrell color.  When he's mad, he turns red.  When he swims, he turns orange.  When he's warm, he turns pink.  And when it's just right, he turns purple.  He's a rainbow ox.

Miss R, on getting out of bed to go down to the hotel breakfast:  I wiss they could serve it up here.

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