Friday, February 12, 2016

Quotes, Miss A...

I just broke my record!  I just peed for 48 seconds!

So, the force is like the Holy Ghost.

(While driving around the campus of the University of Virginia.)  Miss A:  Why are their backpacks all so plain?
Miss M:  And why is everyone so pale?

When we get to Heaven, I'll pick all the desserts I want and when I get fat I'll just take it all off because I have powers and give it to a bad sumo wrestler.  But he doesn't really wrestle.  He just likes to get really fat.

(While reading the last of First Nephi in the Book of Mormon, about the last days.)  So, when it says Satan won't have power, it will be like getting a phone call, and you can see who it is, right?  And you'll say "I'm not talking to you!" and hang up.  So you're not tempted.

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